Our company developed and patented the MCC engine.  The majority of our development effort has been for small commercial engine applications and specialized military applications, however MCC engine technology has tremendous potential for numerous commercial applications. The MCC engine does not have any known size limitations, so it can be developed for applications ranging from small lawn and garden tools to large automotive or marine applications.   The engine also lends itself to lost cost manufacturing since it only has three moving parts.  Previous MCC engine prototypes have operated as spark ignited diesel fuel engines and have operated on low cost, low octane gasoline without knock or auto ignition problems.  It has even run on zero octane (N-Heptane) fuel which conventional engines have not been able to operate on.  These MCC engines are lightweight without requiring the high compression ratios used in conventional engines.  This shows that the MCC engine has the capability to be operated as a multi-fuel engine.

A major benefit of the MCC engine is that it can be configured to meet the stringent emission and noise requirements that are being mandated by EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  We are developing a low emission MCC engine that will cost less to produce than four-stroke engines.  Other benefits of our MCC engine include:

  • Quieter and cooler exhaust than competing engines. This is being achieved without the added weight and cost of a complex muffler or spark arrestor.
  • High torque at low RPM levels which improves its ability to operate under heavy loads without stalling as well as reducing noise.
  • Fuel efficiency is currently better than two-stroke engines and close to or better than four-stroke engines.
  • Less vibration than four-stroke and two-stroke engines.
  • Lighter weight than four-stroke engines.
  • Very tolerant to exhaust back pressure.
  • Less costly to manufacture and service than conventional engines.

We are currently looking for companies that are interested in licensing our technology or partnering to develop our MCC engine technology for specific commercial areas.   If you would like to discuss potential business opportunities with us, please email Jeff Erickson at or call him at (260) 338-1010, Ext. 102.