MCC FE-200

The Erickson MCC FE-200 is a 2.0 cubic inch, twin combustion chamber engine.   It develops approximately 2.5 to 3.0 HP and 18 to 22 pounds of static thrust using glow plug fuel.  It is CNC machined from solid bar stock 6061 and 6013 aluminum.   Robust construction is provided by a hardened steel crankshaft that is supported by three ball bearings and a rotary connection to the piston without a connecting-rod.  Specifications are listed below:

  • Twin Combustion Chamber – 2.0 Cubic Inch Displacement
  • Patented MCC Full Expansion Technology Provides:
    – Quiet and Cool Exhaust without a Muffler
    – High Torque, Fly with Scale-Like Propellers
  • Dimensions: 5.4″ High x 6.2″ Wide x 6.9″ Long
  • Engine Weight with Mounting Brackets: 68 oz.
  • Power Output: 2.5 to 3.0 HP
  • Low Vibration and Smooth Power Flow with Two Power Pulses Per Revolution
  • Operates on Methanol Glow Fuel with 15% Nitromethane and 18% Synthetic Lubricants
  • Pressure Fitting on Rear of Engine for Operating Pulse Type Regulating Pump
  • Compact Radial Shape Easily Fits Inside of Cowls, No Bulky Muffler to Hide
  • Engine Mount, Glow Plugs, Spinner, Exhaust Tube and Tools Included
  • One Year Warranty

Propeller and Thrust Data Below:

Propeller Propeller Mfg. RPM Thrust
20 x 12 Zinger 5800 18.0 lbs.
24 x 8 Zinger 5400 22.0 lbs.