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Welcome to Erickson Motors' Web Site!

We are the developer and manufacturer of the Erickson Migrating Combustion Chamber (MCC™) Engine.  Our patented MCC™ Engine technology was invented in the United States by Frederick L. Erickson.  Erickson MCC™ internal combustion engines offer high torque, high efficiency, low emissions and low vibration with a quiet and cool exhaust without the need for a muffler or spark arrestor.  Our MCC™ Full Expansion engine technology is much different than two-stroke, four-stroke, and rotary (Wankel) engine technology.  It is so different that both the cycle of operation and the engine mechanism are patented. 

Erickson Motors and our parent company Engine Research Associates, Inc. (ERA) created this web site to inform you about our MCC™ Engine technology.  This web site will also be used to provide our customers with product information and support.  Our current product line includes the FE-120 and FE-200 model hobby engines.  Click on the FE-120 and FE-200 buttons for specifications on our hobby engines.

Erickson MCC™ Engine technology is ready for commercial development in applications other than hobby aircraft.  This includes applications such as grass trimmers, lawn mowers and tractors, generators, motorcycles, marine, full size aircraft and automotive hybrid vehicles.   For more information on licensing and business opportunities click on the Licensing button.

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